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Taking care and maintaining the benefits of your eDermastamp professional micro-needling session, it is important to continue stimulating your skin so that the maximum benefits are achieved and retained. This can be done using a personal Health Canada licensed Dermaroller. Or if you are just using looking to get deep exfoliation at home, the information below is also valuable to you.

With many options of home roller systems in the market, choosing the best roller system can be a challenge and a daunting task. The intent when getting a roller system is to enhance your skin and not damage it. With that goal in mind, I have shared my knowledge about the various dermarollers and hope that the information will help you make the right decisions when selecting one.

The most common
What are the differences between the various dermarollers for home care in the market besides the price? How do I make an informed decision on which dermaroller one is actually good for my skin?

How the home care dermaroller should work.

* Stimulates the regeneration of skin cells through light puncturing of the skin
* Old skin cells should be removed
* Skin should become more radiant, complexion more refined, and blackheads, spots and enlarged pores should be reduce and help to reduce acne.

What to look for in a dermaroller?


The needles should have a pointed tip at the end under a microscope versus a flat edge. Imagine getting a needle prick, you get pin point bleeding and it heals without a scar versus a prick with the tip of a knife edge, there is more bleeding and the recovery time is longer and multiple flat edge pricks can leave your skin scared. Take a picture of the dermaroller with your phone, expand it and see the edge. Please make sure that you do your research so that you are not creating scars under your skin.


Studies have shown that too many needles in a roller require more pressure to make the required punctures. Imagine someone lying on a bed or nails. They will need a lot of pressure to have the nails go through their body as their weight is distributed over all the nail versus try to lie down on a nail, it will go right through you. Too many needles in a roller may not be good for you as you will be stretching your skin and applying a lot of pressure to make the required pinpoint punctures.

How did I select my Dermaroller.

I use and recommend a Health Canada licensed Dermaroller® Home Care System. It is tested and the manufacturer studied and results are reviewed by an independent body to ensure that it is safe for our skin. The most common push back when iI mention that the technology is Health Canada licensed is that “if you pay health canada anything will be approved.” My response is “Not all manufacturers believe in their product and submit controlled studies to back up their benefits and why should they not pay for the licence if the manufacturers are going to sell it, we pay for our car licences.” I want to ensure that I have a product that will be safe for me. I want the manufacturer onto show me that they believe in their product.

* The Dermaroller® is designed by the original developers of the procedure
* It has Medical grade needles with a pointed tip
* Has an optimal number needle count (162).
* Made in Germany ??
* Treats wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks
* Stimulates new collagen
* See brighter, fresher, younger-looking skin
* Get the most out of your moisturizers!
* Works to control acne when used in conjunction with the OxyGeneo Facials

For additional information, or to buy one, please contact Nakota MediSpa at [email protected]

Anu Bhalla

Anu believes that age is a number and beautiful skin is maintained by the right treatments, positive attitude, exercise, good eating habits and drinking lots of water!

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