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" When A Flower Doesn't Bloom You Fix The Environment In Which It Blooms, Not The Flower"

Alexander Den Heijer

The Origins of Nakota MediSpa

Anu Bhalla

People often wonder how as an Internal Auditor and a Process Design Expert I became involved in the skincare profession. The truth is, Nakota MediSpa is a direct materialization of my true passion: skincare.

For many years I had a desire to work in the skin care industry, but life, commitments and responsibilities sometimes get in the way of following your dreams. Even when I wasn’t immersed in the skincare industry professionally, I have always taken great care of my skin and have tried numerous treatments and products over the years to help keep my face looking great and my skin youthful. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, hydrafacials, oxygen facials, you name it, I’ve probably tried it!

Shortly after my daughter’s wedding in 2015, she and I were introduced to the OxyGeneO 3 in 1 Super Facial and Tripollar Skin Tightening.We were amazed at the immediate and sustainable results we experienced compared to anything else we had ever tried, and the results from these treatments actually continued to improve over a week after the treatment. This technology worked with our body to help enhance and give us radiant and fresh looking skin. Oxygenation from within!!

I had finally found a technology I was passionate about for myself andtruly confident in offering to my clients. In the next few months, through extensive training from OxyGeneo I became a certified technician, set up my business, Nakota MediSpa, and here we are today.

The images that are on the Nakota MediSpa Facebook page and on this web site are a sample of the results that I have achieved for my clients. If you like what you see and would like to achieve your personal goals: having clear skin, get rid of adult acne (I cannot believe I am getting this at my age!!), minimize wrinkles and crow’s feet, even tone, healthy glow, etc. let’s chat and discuss what I can do for you. Looking forward to meeting you soon!!

Nakota MediSpa Clinic

Why Choose Nakota MediSpa Vs. A Traditional Day Spa?

Nakota MediSpa Clinic

Exceptional results and satisfied clients are the number one priority at Nakota MediSpa. As a home-based spa, I have the luxury of spending however much time may be required for each client to ensure remarkable results. By spacing out my appointments and individualizing the treatment, I am able to focus on delivering an excellent treatment and a revitalizing spa experience that is sometimes lost in larger commercial spas. It is also of great importance to me to make these treatments are affordable, as the Oxygeneo and Tripollar technology are quite new in the marketplace and as such expensive in Medi spas around Ottawa. I have priced our services so that everyone can enjoy the treatments at ‘package prices’ without having to spend hundreds of dollars up front on buying a package of multiple treatments.

Why Choose OxyGeneo Vs. Other Facial Treatments?

OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Facial Other facial treatment machines
Exfoliation and cleansing of the skin Yes
Pleasant and soothing.
Suction/Vaccum free Yes
Completely safe
Individual packets
(no sharing of treatment heads )
Revolutionary single-use capsugen.
No transmission of germs or bodiy fluids
Cleaning required after each and every treatment.
Mechanical pumps need ongoing attention and maintenance.
Oxygenation Yes
Backed by science and works with
the natural process of the body
Suction often causes vascular lesions, broken capillaries, redness and irritation.
Optimal & Natural Infusion Yes
Highly effective! After the skin is
oxygenated from within, the skin is in optimal condition to
naturally absorb the nutrient-rich active ingredients
Attempts to forcefully inject materials into the skin
Fast treatment (No downtime.) Yes No
Tested on Animals, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free
Yes ??
Vegan No animal products in NeoBright or NeoRevive active ingredients Yes ??

I invite you to explore our website and learn about the technology and science behind each of our services and products, as well as read the testimonials and see the skin care success stories our clients have experienced with us.

Thank you for visiting our website and see you at the spa!

Anu Bhalla