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Often our favorite foods can cause the onset of acne. Studies based on what happens to our food after consumption have shown that eating acidic foods create the perfect environment for breeding ground of bacteria under our skin. Most meats, breads, cheeses, processed foods or foods high in sugars are considered acidic. Most vegetables are considered alkaline such as kale, lemon, all bean sprouts etc. Regardless of the season, meats, breads and baking are our favorite ‘go to’ foods. If one is prone to acne, it is very important to watch and balance your diet with foods that are considered to be alkaline to maintain our body’s Ph level so as to discourage infections under our skin.

While we take control of what we eat, we can also control our acne with the help of Ottawa facials which has ingredients that will be an effective acne treatment. There is always the option to go to the dermatologist, but that is generally a last resort after you have tried everything.

acne scar treatment Ottawa - Nakota Spa

The OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Super Facial NeoBright formula has an active ingredient known as azelaic acid, to control acne breakouts and reduce infections. During the facial azelaic acid, one of the many active ingredients used in the facial, is absorbed by the skin and helps to fight the acne bacteria.

The OxyGeneo facial technology exfoliates infuses and oxygenates all in one treatment and is ideal as an acne treatment in Ottawa. The facial helps by exfoliating the dead skin layers whereby allowing your skin to breath. The infusion via absorption of the NeoBright formula and the resulting oxygenation from within makes the skin an unfriendly place for the acne bacteria. In addition, the Oxygeneo facial does not involve extraction, suction or the vacuuming of skin and as a result it does not leave open pores. Open pores are generally a contributing factor for breakouts after a facial. Getting an Enhanced Ultrasound treatment and a NeoMassage after the OxyGeneo Facial will target the existing acne and/or ones that are not at the surface as yet and close enlarged pores to help with the healing process. The OxyGeneo facial not only helps to correct the acne issues, it also helps to reduce acne scars while helping to renew, revive and rejuvenate your skin at the same time to give it a healthy radiant glow. Multiple treatments maybe required to bring the acne under control.

Why is acne formed?

There are many factors that contribute to acne, such as genetics, hormone imbalance, eating acidic foods, dry skin, picking on acne, facial products that dry out the skin, transfer of hair oils to your face, hair products, touching your face, overcleaning the infected area, overuse of harsh spot treatments and acne products, to name a few. Acne is formed when clogged pores are not able to excrete excess oils causing it to be the perfect place for bacteria to grow, causing an infection. Acne does not discriminate based on age, it is can start during puberty and continue into menopause and beyond!

For some, acne can also leave deep acne scars on the face if treated improperly or if they are ‘picked.’ To avoid acne and/or acne scar, consult a certified OxyGeneo specialist who can provides Ottawa acne facial treatment that will not dry out your skin, use products that cause acne or leaves open pores through extraction, suction, vacuum or by forcing products into your pores.

Is OxyGeneo the right treatment for acne?

As per experts, OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Super Facial NeoBright treatment is an excellent non-invasive treatment to help manage acne. The NeoBright treatment is high in antioxidants, Vitamin C and hydrating products that are vegan, gluten free and animal cruelty free. The science behind the facial ensures that with each treatment the skin is delivered the optimal premium products to address concerns with acne along with other issues such as melesma, photoaging, hyperpigmentation, etc.. The various steps of the full facial; OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Super Facial, Enhanced Ultrasound and NeoMassage help to increase oxygen and blood flow to the face whereby improving the body’s ability to fight acne while giving visible results after the first treatment.

The OxyGeneo treatment is performed by a certified skin specialist who is apt in using this latest skin rejuvenation technology and its products that are Health Canada licensed .

Some benefits of an OxyGeneo treatment are:
• Immediate visible results
• Control and treat acne
• Revitalize dull dry skin
• Decrease the appearance of sun damage
• Reduce the damage due to photoaging
• Natural skin oxygenation
• Brightened skin tone
• Lighten skin tone
• Nourishes and hydrates skin
• Reduce wrinkles & fine lines
• Skin firming

Who can undergo the OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Super Facial?

The OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Super Facial is safe for all skin types. It is a non- invasive treatment and clients experience positive changes after their first treatment. The best part of the facial is that there is no recovery or downtime required and the facial can be done just before a special event to achieve a fresh, bright and youthful appearance.

In conclusion, OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Super Facial treatment comes with multiple benefits related to the skin rejuvenation process and correct many skin conditions. Remember, to consult an certified OxyGeneo expert before choosing the service.

Anu Bhalla

Anu believes that age is a number and beautiful skin is maintained by the right treatments, positive attitude, exercise, good eating habits and drinking lots of water!

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