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Imperfected skin can leave you feeling self-conscious, but most skin lesions like skin tags, moles, Keratosis and warts can be treated, fast and effectively. At Nakota MediSpa, we can successfully remove skin tags and warts with Cryotherapy, a method associated with fewer risks than any other method of removal, including surgical incisions, leaving your skin feeling fresh, smooth and rejuvenated!

Most benign skin lesions such as moles and skin tags don’t require treatment. But sometimes people want to remove them for cosmetic reasons or because they cause discomfort when they rub against clothing or get caught in jewelry.

These skin tags and small lesions can be found on many areas of the body, including the parts of the body most commonly exposes to the sun’s UV rays like:

  • Chest and abdomen
  • Shoulders, arm and back
  • Face, neck and eyelids
  • Scalp

Cryotherapy is a fast, non-invasive and relatively pain-free treatment that can successfully treat a range of skin conditions such as pigmented lesions, skin tags, seborrheic keratosis, and cherry angiomas. Due to the speed and efficacy of treatment, Ottawa Cryotherapy is affordable and easily accessible to all individuals seeking treatment of benign skin lesions. Cryotherapy is a proven treatment that has been used in the medical field for many years.

One Cryotherapy treatment may be all that’s required to remove a skin tag or harmless lesion. In other cases, such as warts and moles, more than one session may be needed. For example, if the skin lesion is large or there are multiple growths.

Research also shows that cryotherapy can stimulate your immune system and boost the health of your surrounding skin cells.

At Nakota MediSpa in Barrhaven, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services. From Investing your skin today! Book online or call us today for a free consultation at +1-613-761-8704.

Anu Bhalla

Anu believes that age is a number and beautiful skin is maintained by the right treatments, positive attitude, exercise, good eating habits and drinking lots of water!

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