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Women all over the world have been searching for the magic recipe for perfectly glowing skin. We’ve invested thousands in skin creams and make-up to cover blemishes and not-so-perfect skin. These days the trend is not to wait for expensive skin creams to work overtime, but to find a “quick fix” and something that will give us immediate and long-lasting results fast.

Mesotherapy is one skincare treatment that can kick-start your appearance and help diminish age with immediate results.

Mesotherapy is a procedure which involves the introduction of. vitamins, minerals and other components naturally found in the skin, such as hyaluronic acid into the middle layer of the skin. There are different types of Mesotherapy that can be administered. Each designed and tailored depending on what the concerns such as collagen loss, hair loss, cellulite or even excess fat.

Mesotherapy will stimulate collagen and elastin where there is loss of volume and therefore improve plumpness on the face and is brilliant for eliminating lip lines, dry dehydrated lips and the wrinkles adjacent to the mouth and under the cheekbones. Hyaluronic acid with the solution helps to create volume in the skin, while other antioxidants, vitamins, supplements, and amino acids have an anti-inflammatory effect that encourages healing.

A typical treatment lasts from 30 to 45 minutes and may include an anesthetic cream applied to reduce pain and make it a pleasant experience!

Results are evident very quickly. Even after one Mesotherapy treatment on the face, there may well be visible improvements and there are multiple benefits of this procedure that expensive anti-aging creams cannot reproduce such as:

1. Your Skin Gets A High Concentrate Of Vitamins And Other Ingredients

The high concentration of serums, vitamins, and other nutritious blends of potent ingredients makes your skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated. When done correctly, Mesotherapy ensures that the products are delivered to your skin properly.

2. It Can Be An Alternative To Expensive Surgeries

It can be a part of your anti-aging skin routine and is less invasive than other procedures and plastic surgeries. You do not need to go under the knife to look better. The concentrated serums are delivered to your skin via micro-punctures and you get natural-looking, healthy skin. Also, there is no downtime.

3. It Can Address Multiple Skin Needs

Whether you are looking for an anti-aging solution or want to boost the radiance of your skin. The skin gets an energy boost, and you can see visible results right after the first session.

4. It Brightens Your Skin

Depending on the ingredients, Mesotherapy can address skin issues, such as age spots, pigmentation, and melasma. It can brighten up your face and even out your skin tone.

5. It Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

Mesotherapy can also help in boosting the skin’s moisture content and make it plump, firm, and healthy.

Despite needles being involved, it is less invasive than Botox and fillers and while those tackle wayward lines and less than pillowy pouts, this gives the whole complexion much-needed life!  Mesotherapy makes your skin healthy!

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Anu Bhalla

Anu believes that age is a number and beautiful skin is maintained by the right treatments, positive attitude, exercise, good eating habits and drinking lots of water!